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The most user-friendly scaffolding design and calculation tool

Calculating may not be the fun part of running a scaffolding company — but try succeeding without it

Easily create and export scaffolding designs and calculations. Increase safety and quality with a few clicks.

Scaffcalc specifications and features

Load capacity - standards

Load capacity - wind and terrain

Automatically generated material lists

Automated 3D renderings, quick and easy

Scaffinspect - self-inspection software

Temporary roof system calculations

On Demand

Save time and money while increasing quality and safety

We offer a tool to make quick designs so you can send quotations faster and win more deals. Add stairtowers, lifts and loading bays with a few clicks and get detailed material lists, which helps you calculate costs of each project.


We also offer all kinds of load calculations, so you never have to feel uncertain about the safety of your projects again. We are your inhouse engineer, in your pocket.

40% of the Swedish market are using Scaffcalc already

Ready to save time and money, while increasing the safety of your projects?

“This program has a really user-friendly interface and delivers everything from material lists to values ​​for test-pulling anchorings at different geographic wind load areas. I am sure that many of you will benefit from this. Recommended”


- Representative from Tekniska Byggnadsställningar

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