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  • Viktor Skoglund

What is Scaffcalc?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Scaffcalc is a calculation tool for scaffolders and is used by over 30% of the market. With Scaffcalc, you can calculate your own scaffoldings, create dimensioning documents for your projects and produce quotation data for potential customers. Scaffcalc is tailored for scaffolding contractors, but is used by both carpenters and tent manufacturers as well.

Calculations for facade scaffoldings and temporary roof systems

Scaffolding and temporary roof systems requires reassuring safety during construction, use and disassembly, especially in terms of load-bearing capacity, strength, stability and protection against deformation. We help you calculate these aspects, so you can focus on other things and sleep well at night.

Calculation consultants are not only expensive, they often take a long time to complete their work as well. Scaffcalc allows you to calculate both plastic and netted facade scaffolding completely on your own. If you are in need of temporary roof system calculations, simply draw your project in our tool, and we will calculate and return your results in no time. It has never been easier.

See your scaffoldings in 3D - completely without CAD

Our tool shows you what the scaffolding will look like, so you can find obvious errors right from the start. No previous 3D or CAD knowledge is required to use Scaffcalc's visualization software. In the dimensioning document, you also get pictures of all facades, with anchoring points and protocols.

Material list for your scaffolding projects

In addition to dimensioning documents for your scaffolding, the program also generates a list of materials, based on the size of your scaffolding and which supplier you use. Take the list out to the warehouse and bring the right amount of material to the project site. With the right amount of material, transport decreases and you become more efficient.

Scaffcalc is suitable for both large and small companies. Contact us and we will show everything!

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