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  • Viktor Skoglund

The history of Scaffcalc

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Scaffolding collapse in Gothenburg - the spark to Scaffcalc

In February, 2018, a scaffolding collapsed in central Gothenburg. Despite the placement and the large size of the scaffolding, no one was injured, which many considered miraculous. Kevin (today CEO), who then studied the civil engineering program at Chalmers, wanted to take on a real case outside the studies and therefore chose to calculate the strength of the previously standing scaffolding to find out the cause behind the accident. Kevin found many shortcomings in the execution and began to investigate more scaffolding projects, where he repeatedly saw major shortcomings. Collapses turned out to be a major problem in the scaffolding industry and something that occurs about 50 times a year in Sweden alone - one of the safest countries in the world. "The competence is low among many [actors]", says the scaffolding expert Jörgen Conradsson in an interview with SVT.

Many shortcomings in the industry

We investigated the industry closer and found two major shortcomings:

  1. Far too many projects lack the right or proper sizing documents, if there are any at all

  2. A major problem for the industry is that occupational groups other than scaffolding builders are moving anchors to gain better access. This jeopardizes safety

After our investigation, more high-profile cases emerged, including accidents that injured civilians. We decided to secure the industry and reduce the number of scaffolding accidents by simplifying the calculation process for the contractors, so that they can perform high-quality strength calculations themselves - without spending time and money on expensive consultants.

Scaffcalc - a web based calculation program

To secure the industry, we hooked up with some of Sweden's sharpest developers and started creating a web-based calculation program. The result is Scaffcalc, which today is used by over 30% of the Swedish market - after only two years in daylight. Scaffcalc is constantly updated with new features according to users request and soon we will also be available throughout the Nordic region.

Interested in testing Scaffcalc? Get in touch and we will show you everything!

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