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  • Viktor Skoglund

Scaffinspect - probably the best platform for scaffolding inspections

Improperly designed scaffolding has become a death trap and there are between 40-50 scaffolding collapses every year in Sweden. We have recently completed our collaboration with The Swedish Construction Worker's Union, Byggnads, who stepped in to support the development of our digital platform that, with powerful algorithms, will make the scaffoldings more secure. We call it Scaffinspect, and it is now being used by many actors in the Swedish construction scene.

"Many accidents in the industry are linked to incorrect and unsafe scaffolding. During our inspections, we have noticed that many work environment managers lack sufficient knowledge. Hopefully this app can change that", says Ulf Kvarnström, work environment manager at Byggnads.

A simple interface for ease of use in the field

Scaffinspect is easy to use and requires little to no former knowledge about scaffolding construction. The app contains lots of crucial information, packaged in information boxes next to each item - making it foolproof in the field. The software also helps you calculate load-limits and other requirements for the project you are inspecting, leading to better decisions and a safer workplace altogether.