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Scaffcalc & Solideq - a collaboration with safety and ease of use in focus

Imagine that you are about to erect a scaffold without any experience. Maybe you've just bought yourself a small cottage and need infrastructure to reach up to the eaves when you're going to repaint the facade to that lime green color you've always wanted. Then you need a scaffolding, and with a high probability you will buy it from Stä — Sweden's largest online shop for scaffolding. If you happen to be a contractor that needs scaffolding components for daily use, it is very likely that you will come in contact with the high-quality scaffolding supplier Solideq. Tobias Wreje-Larsson, CEO of both Stä and Solideq, contacted us in November 2021 to investigate cooperation opportunities. A collaboration began shortly thereafter, and the ideas have been flowing ever since.

Our first collaboration has involved implementing large parts of Solideq's product range in Scaffcalc. The user now has the opportunity to design advanced constructions with components from Solideq's frame and modular scaffolding range. When the user is satisfied with their design, it is easily exported to a dimensioning document that forms the basis of the construction. "With Solideq's quality-controlled products and Scaffcalc's simple interface that gives you complete strength calculations, you design safe scaffolding faster than it takes for the brewer has time to make the morning coffee," says Scaffcalc CEO Kevin Walian.

Solideq supplies scaffolding and temporary roof systems for both complex constructions for the largest players on the market and private customers who are renovating the villa. All products in Solideq's range go through an extensive quality control before being delivered to the market, and safety pervades Solideq's entire existence. Solideq's ideas for new products usually come from customers, just like in Scaffcalc's case. "Product and innovation are absolutely the most important thing for us, just like Solideq", says Jonas Isacson, CTO at Scaffcalc.

“Solideq's vision is to provide the most secure and durable access solutions on the planet and our collaboration with Scaffcalc is 100% in line with this vision. The brilliant thing about Scaffcalc's solution is that it is incredibly fast to make calculations but not at the expense of quality, and the beautiful visuals are the icing on the cake," says CEO Tobias Wreje-Larsson.

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