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Scaffcalc & Alimak - a collaboration for increased safety within the scaffolding industry

In 2022, Scaffcalc has completed a collaborative project with Alimak – the world leader in the design and manufacture of vertical transport solutions. Alimak's list of successful projects is long, they have delivered solutions for the Eiffel Tower, the Royal Opera House in London, the Halley research station in Antarctica, the Amazon River in Brazil and perhaps the most powerful project of all — the Hisings Bridge in Gothenburg. The collaboration with Alimak means that their transport platforms are integrated into Scaffcalc's application, so that the user can safely build scaffolding together with platforms.

Since platforms are a heavy, moving part on the outside of the scaffolding, careful calculations are required to ensure safe constructions. With Scaffcalc's algorithms, the user can modify the location of the platform and obtain correct calculations directly, without compromising the strength of the structure. With Alimak's high-quality transport platforms and Scaffcalc's user-friendly interface and assurance algorithms, the scaffolder can dimension for a safe project in no time.

Alimak TPL Range integrated in the web-based 3D software, Scaffcalc

Alimak was founded in 1948 and has since delivered pioneering and complete solutions for vertical transport. "Since Alimak follows the keyword 'safety first', we saw it as a matter of course to cooperate, as our goal is to eliminate all accidents connected to scaffolding constructions. We also see that we can expand the collaboration going forward and connect more of Alimak's products to our application, while expanding into new markets," says Scaffcalc CEO, Kevin Walian. "Building the algorithms behind the implementation has been instructive to say the least. We look forward to seeing our customers' digital designs with Alimak as an option. Also, our developer Saudin couldn't resist throwing in a little easter egg, where the user can press the little green button in the elevator to make it go up and down," adds Jonas Isacson, CTO at Scaffcalc.

"We are very happy and proud of the collaboration with Scaffcalc - a good mix between Alimak's experience with safe vertical transport solutions and Scaffcalc's innovative solutions in visualizing and calculating how the construction industry can take the next step for safe and efficient solutions", David Batson EVP Alimak Group Construction Division.

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