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  • Viktor Skoglund

5 new features in Scaffcalc (2021)

Scaffcalc is continuously being updated with new features and improved algorithms. Here are a few from 2021.

1. Download scaffolding material lists to Excel

Do you have your own logistic system with your components? Is it based on Excel? We have the solution for you! With Scaffcalc, you can download the material list (.csv files) from your design and import it to your own spread sheet. It has never been easier.

2. Loading platforms

We know how hard it is to think about everything when designing a scaffolding. Especially when it comes to add-ons such as stair towers, elevators and loading platforms. With Scaffcalc, you can easily add these compartments with one single click, and all calculations follow. Simply choose a bay, and place an add-on of your choice.

3. Build scaffoldings around corners

Many of our users wanted a way to design scaffoldings that goes around corners. After thorough research we found the most secure way to do it, which became a feature in Scaffcalc. This is also done with one single click.

4. Hide the house to see the scaffolding better

Some of our users wanted a feature in which they could hide the house.

Use the icon in the 3D viewer to toggle the visibility. Nothing revolutionary, but a nice feature.

5. Specify lengths of each scaffolding bay

Scaffolding designs vary quite a bit. Sometimes you need a small bay to dodge a balcony, and sometimes you want to be economical with your material usage and build as long bays as possible. It's up to you with Scaffcalc!

Interested in knowing more about Scaffcalc? Hit us up for a demo!

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