Top 5 Best Gerüstbau-Software auf dem Markt, 2024


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Get to know the most popular scaffolding softwares on the market

Are you looking for a software solution for your scaffolding company? Look no further! In this article, we provide an overview of 5 different software solutions tailored to the scaffolding industry. We also highlight the pros and cons of each option so that you can choose the one that best suits your business needs.

In a hurry? Here's the list

Scaffcalc - User-friendly, web based, includes engineering

LayPLAN Classic - Layher specific, many options, quick designs

Scaffmax - SketchUp plugin, automatic scaffolding generation

NTI Scaffplanner - BIM-software for the scaffolding industry

Avontus Scaffold Design - Visualisation software for complex structures

  1. Scaffcalc

Scaffcalc is the most user-friendly scaffolding design tool. Scaffcalc is also the best scaffolding calculation tool on the market. Its 3D design interface is designed to simplify the creation of your scaffolding projects. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can easily export all the necessary engineering data for a successful project, including standard load capacity, wind load capacity, material lists, anchoring data, and more. You can even upload your blueprints and add transportation platforms, stair towers, and loading bays with just one click.

Scaffcalc is growing quickly, with new features added regularly. One of its standout features is compatibility with .IFC files, allowing for seamless integration with your existing data. You can also select a 3D building from our Maps feature, and with one click, automate the scaffolding around the selected building, making it super quick to create offers for your clients. Additionally, Scaffcalc provides instant scaffolding data, including size, loads, and weight.

We believe Scaffcalc offers a comprehensive solution for scaffolding design and calculation. However, the right tool for you depends on your specific needs, and we encourage you to explore all the options available. If you’re looking for a web-based platform with robust features and easy accessibility, Scaffcalc might be worth considering.

Pros with Scaffcalc

Scaffcalc is incredibly easy to use, requiring no training to get started. It comes equipped with all the engineering data you need from the outset, including standard load capacity, wind load capacity, and anchoring data, all accessible within one platform. Plus, everything operates directly in your web browser — no downloads necessary.

As a Swedish scaleup dedicated to customer satisfaction, Scaffcalc offers fantastic support and continuous development. It is one of the most used scaffolding software options in the Nordics and is continually improving.

Recently, Scaffcalc raised additional funds to accelerate and enhance the software even further, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of its users.

Cons with Scaffcalc

Scaffcalc is designed for facade scaffoldings, free-standing scaffoldings, and temporary roof systems. If you need software for offshore and industrial scaffoldings, please note that Scaffcalc is working on a solution, though it is not currently a priority.

Compatible with

Layher, HAKI, Pluseight, Plettac, Scafom-Rux, Alfix and Solideq (more are coming).

  1. LayPLAN Classic

If you're a fan of Layher and looking for software to help you with quick designs using Allround Scaffolding and SpeedyScaf, then LayPLAN Classic might be the tool you need. This software provides accurate measurements and detailed material lists. However, its interface hasn't changed much over time, so it may not be the most intuitive tool. If you're also interested in engineering, you'll need to export your files to Robot Structural Analysis or a similar software, as this feature isn't included in LayPLAN Classic.

Pros with LayPLAN Classic

You can create designs with multiple sides as well as cylinder shapes. The tool also allows you to easily add stair towers and other add-ons (although these buttons may be difficult to find in the not-so-intuitive tool menu). Additionally, you can create inclined ground profiles to generate more accurate scaffolding proposals.

Cons with LayPLAN Classic

This scaffolding software is not very user-friendly. There are a lot of buttons all over the place, and no good guides are available. It also lacks engineering features and is only compatible with Layher.

Compatible with

Layher Allround, Layher SpeedyScaf.

  1. Scaffmax

Scaffmax is a plug-in for SketchUp Pro. If you are familiar with SketchUp, Scaffmax might be the scaffolding solution for you. Simply draw the object, and the software will automatically build scaffolding around it. Scaffmax also includes a great feature which allows you to make complex objects with tilted ground and leveled floors.

Pros with Scaffmax

Upload your blueprints and use automatically generated scaffolding to build on top of them. You can even create inclined surfaces underneath the scaffolding.

Cons with Scaffmax

This scaffolding software does not have any engineering capabilities. To use Scaffmax, you will need to have SketchUp Pro. It's important to keep in mind that you'll need to pay for each system you use, which can become expensive if you're working with multiple types.

Compatible with

Altrad, Assco, Hünnebeck, Layher, Plettac, Rux, Scafom, PERI.

  1. NTI Scaffplanner

Scaffplanner from NTI is a plugin for Autodesk Revit. It is one of the few BIM solutions available for the scaffolding industry, making it extremely powerful for working on big projects with major developers. Scaffplanner generates material lists based on your designs, as well as standard load capacity calculations. However, Revit requires more computational power than other scaffolding software solutions, so make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

Pros with Scaffplanner

This BIM software provides powerful tools for advanced designs, as well as automatically generated material lists.

Cons with Scaffplanner

This document does not include wind-load capacity calculations. It requires Autodesk Revit to be used.

Compatible with

HAKI, Layher, Pluseight, Solideq and more.

  1. Avontus Scaffold Design

This tool allows you to create scaffolding designs in 3D and export them as PDF or to AutoCAD and other formats. It generates a material list based on your input and helps you design proposals. However, it does not include any engineering capabilities. Avontus Scaffold Design is particularly useful for creating designs for industrial scaffolding.

Pros with Avontus Scaffold Design

This software offers excellent exporting capabilities and is a useful tool for creating complex designs. It also includes additional products like a material manager and a VR viewer. It is a great tool for visualization and includes many systems, making it one of the most comprehensive scaffolding software options on the market.

Cons with Avontus Scaffold Design

This software does not involve any calculations or engineering, and its interface is not very user-friendly.

Compatible with

AAIT, AFIX, ALFIX, AT-PAC, Altrad, DSS, Biljax, Catari, Form-Scaff, PERI, Proscaf, Quick Ally, Plettac, Safway, StepUp, Universal Scaffolding.


Alright, so we've explored the top 5 scaffolding software options available in 2024. Each software brings something unique to the table, and depending on your specific needs, any one of them could be a great fit for your business.

At Scaffcalc, we're genuinely excited about what we offer. We're continually adding new features, and our 3D design interface is designed to simplify the creation of your scaffolding projects. You can easily export essential engineering data, such as standard load capacity, wind load capacity, material lists, and anchoring data. If you have blueprints, you can upload them and seamlessly add transportation platforms, stair towers, and loading bays with just a click.

What we believe sets Scaffcalc apart is its user-friendly nature and robust capabilities. No extensive training is needed to get started, and the platform is designed to be intuitive. We are a dedicated Swedish startup focused on customer satisfaction, offering solid support and consistently rolling out new features. Recently, we secured additional funding to enhance our software further.

However, it's important to note that the other software options we reviewed are also impressive. Depending on what you're looking for, they might suit your business perfectly. If having a web-based platform accessible from anywhere, at any time, is a priority for you, then Scaffcalc could be a great choice.

In the end, if you’re in the market for a scaffolding software solution, we’d love for you to consider Scaffcalc. It’s designed to help you efficiently design, calculate, and generate all the engineering data needed for your projects. Feel free to reach out to us and see how we can support your business growth.