Scaffcalc Scaffolding Software: New Innovations for 2024


Scaffolding build in Scaffcalc
Scaffolding build in Scaffcalc
Scaffolding build in Scaffcalc

In the dynamic world of scaffolding, efficiency, precision, and safety are paramount. With the right scaffolding software, the process of creating accurate design documents can be significantly streamlined, saving time and reducing risks. This week, we're excited to share some significant updates to Scaffcalc that will help scaffolders tackle their projects with greater ease and effectiveness.

Elevate Your Efficiency: Discover the Latest Scaffcalc Innovations

This week's update is packed with valuable tools and improvements:

  • New Features in Scaffcalc

  • Smart Feature: Building on Top of Buildings

  • Building Scaffolding on Structures

  • Balconies and Bay Windows

  • Facade PDF - Front View Drawing

  • Weather Protection and Free-Standing Scaffolds - Calculation Results

  • Scafflabs 🧪 - Coming Soon in Scaffcalc

  • Sloping Ground and Magical Base Screws

  • Bridging and Magnetic Scaffold Sections

New Features in Scaffcalc

Smart Feature: Building on Top of Buildings Streamline your design process with the new smart feature that allows building structures to automatically align with previously drawn structures.

This feature simplifies creating complex scaffolding setups, helping you manage your time better and reduce errors.

Building Scaffolding on Structures Place scaffolding on top of buildings easily with our new update.

The scaffolding will attach to the targeted wall, making it more intuitive and saving you time during the setup process.

We strive to release new features bug-free, but if you encounter any issues, please contact or provide feedback through the project completion form. Your input helps us improve quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Balconies and Bay Windows Designing around balconies and bay windows is now simpler. Elevate your building structure to the appropriate height and incorporate these elements seamlessly. Upload a facade drawing, rotate it 90 degrees (portrait), and draw your structure to fit balconies and other features.

Drawing on Facade PDFs You asked, and we delivered. Drawing on facade PDFs is now possible. It might require a bit of patience, but with some practice, it works great. Reach out if you need assistance!

Free-Standing Scaffolding - An Additional Service Did you know we offer calculations for free-standing scaffolds? Contact us for more information or reply directly to this newsletter.

Weather Protection Calculation Results Scaffcalc simplifies the view while performing complex algorithms in the background. Our engineers convert your cross-sectional sketch into a complete FEM model, conducting numerous tests to ensure a stable structure. You receive an easy-to-understand dimensioning document, focusing on the essentials, saving you time and effort.

Scafflabs - Coming in Scaffcalc 4

Sloping Ground We are experimenting with various ground components to make scaffolding on sloping terrains, such as the pyramids of Egypt or a Swiss mountain top, possible. The scaffold will follow the ground level automatically.

Bridging and Magnetic Sections We are developing a smooth way to create bridges, connect sections magnetically, and enable all your design dreams. Scaffcalc 4 will revolutionize your scaffolding projects.

Recap: Component-Level Changes If you missed last week's newsletter, here's a video illustrating how to modify scaffolding at the component level. You can change many elements directly on the scaffold, with structural calculations updating accordingly.

Need Support?

We've opened a new support channel to better assist you. Using will get you faster responses, as it is an email address shared by our team.

Thank you for being part of the Scaffcalc family. We look forward to continuing to support you in your scaffolding projects.